Pure Self Hair Salon & Spa in Markham Ontario

Introducing Pure Self Salon N Spa, a relaxed and serene environment where our guests feel comfortable and welcomed. We encourage our clients to embrace their true beauty, inside and out, so that their Pure Self may be shared with others.

The dream of opening a hair salon began in New York where Englika Wadera, owner of Pure Self Salon N Spa, spent her early career. She worked and trained under many well-known stylists, including Beth Minardi, Sam Villa, Vivienne Mackinder, Paul Mitchell, Robert Cromeans to name a few. She met the owner of Aveda and, due to their many shared experiences and beliefs, they became friends. With her admiration for ancient Ayurvedic values, Englika set out to create her own positive and inspiring hair salon environment where clients could look good and feel great about themselves. She ultimately created Purse Self Salon N Spa, the only Aveda Concept Salon in Markham.

"Nothing compares to the joy clients feel when they look in the mirror and feel renewed. This is the essence of Pure Self Salon N Spa and the merging of my passions: my love for hair and my love for helping others."

-Englika, Owner of Pure Self Salon N Spa

Holistic Approach

We have a holistic approach to beauty and wellness and do all we can to create a positive environment, five star customer service in a space where you can relax and de-stress.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Prodcuts

In line with Aveda values, our salon only uses cruelty-free, vegan products from ethically sourced local communities around the world.

A Green Mindset

We are responsible stewards of our environment and are diligent about recycling. Every bit of our trash and refuse goes to a Green Circle facility...nothing goes to the landfill. #greencirclesalon

green circle salons Markham ON

We are a Green Circle Certified Salon

It's not only about looking good and feeling good, it's also about doing good! The hair industry can create a lot of waste between tubes of colour products and bottles of shampoo, not to mention the hundreds of foils we use every week.  The waste bin fills up fast but as a Green Circle Salon, nothing goes to the landfill! We collect every piece of hair, paper and packaging, unused product and colour waste, and any recyclable container. It all goes to a Green Circle Center to be sorted and recycled or disposed of properly. Green Circle helps us minimize our impact on the planet and our clients love that!

What is an Aveda Concept Salon?

To understand the significance of an Aveda Concept Salon, it's important to understand the roots and the vision of the Aveda brand. The Aveda philosophy is rooted in Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine and ancient Indian healing tradition. The word Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words which translate to knowledge of life. Being of like mind, at Pure Self Salon N Spa, we strive for balance and well-being and consider the effects of the products we use not just on the hair, skin, body, but on the mind and emotion.

Pure Self Salon N Spa is proud to be the ONLY Aveda Concept Salon in Markham Ontario.