Green Circle

Environmental issues, like climate change, are not just individual, unrelated issues. These issues increase problems like the loss of forests, growing landfills and air pollution. Furthermore, these environmental issues are not going to decrease without action. Climate change affects our economy, society and the health and wellbeing as whole.

Our Mission 

We want to make the Canadian salon industry sustainable by 2020. To make this industry sustainable, we are making small changes to transform each salon, creating actual positive change.

Greenest in the Industry

Green Circle Salons bring together the best brands from across the industry, offering you a responsible, greener choice for looking and feeling beautiful.

It's not only about looking good and feeling good, it's also about doing good!

Our Philosophy 

Green Circle Salons are built on fairness, honesty and integrity. Because of these principles, there are clear expectations on how to run a business, reporting on daily activities, and the promotion of human rights. The Green Circle Salon initiative collects every piece of hair, colour waste, and recyclable container and transform it into something useful in everyday life.

This initiative is active because there is a direct link between our actions and their effects on our planet. Because of this connection, we value sourcing locally, increasing efficiency and saving materials destined for the landfill.

To help Green Circle Salons, we give 5% of our pre-tax profits to both local and international organizations to support programs that actively work in this initiative.