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Keep your hairstyle looking fresh with regular precision cutting and routine trims by the experts at Pure Self Hair Salon. The best length and style of haircut for you will depend on the shape of your face. The goal of your haircut is to play up your personal style and show off your facial features.

Short Hairstyle Ideas

Are you looking for a cool new shorter hairstyle? Popular short hairstyles can include blunt bobs and super chic pixie crops or, if you want to make a statement, why not opt for a high fashion asymmetrical style - short one side and longer on the other!

Medium Length Haircut Ideas

Jaw length and shoulder length hair truly is a happy medium. You get the fun and ease of a short style along with the extra coverage you get with a little length. Medium length haircuts are very popular because they flatter everyone.

Long Hair Ideas, Long Hair with Layers

Long hair has a lot of flexibility but just because your hair grows past your shoulders doesn't mean it just has to hang there. If your long hair looks great in its natural state without overwhelming your face, good for you. But most of us could benefit from the lifting effects of some subtle layers or even bangs. If your long hair is looking straggly, limp and lifeless, consider asking your Pure Self stylist to add in some shape to your style using layers. Layers will take weight out of your hair, creating shape and movement and breathing fresh air into your style.

Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are a simple way to make a serious impact with longer hairstyles and, with so many styles to choose from, you can really showcase your personality, highlight favorite features or hide a long forehead. If you are looking to change your style, but perhaps don't want to make a large commitment, why not ask your Pure Self stylist to add bangs. We can assess your face shape and create a bangs hairstyle that flatters your bone structure and features. There are a wide range of bangs to choose from including curtain bangs, curly bangs, side swept bangs and blunt bangs! We can show you how to style your bangs at home and which products to use to ensure they look fantastic from day to night. 

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