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Let's face it. Enhancing hair colour with lighter pieces adds dimension, and dimension is very flattering. Playing with light and dark shades creates contours and adds highlights. Blonding, Balayage and Highlights are the top areas of expertise at Pure Self Salon N Spa. Foil highlights along with Balayage remain our most popular services because these looks can be adapted to everyone.

Balayage Expertise

Balayage is a form of highlighting which uses a free hand technique along with a specific type of lightener and an exact application. Lighter accents are visible from mid length and to the ends and they gradually brighten along the way. The balayage method is so popular because it looks great on every hair colour. Because of the exact placement of the highlights, balayage has a way of brightening and contouring the face. It is low maintenance, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a hair colour service. Plus, balayage is not just for blondes! It can look sensational with all hair colours including bright fashion shades and pastel colours.

Is Balayage the Same as Ombre Hair colour?

The two are often confused but are similar. Think of it this way- balayage is a technique, ombre hair is a look. Ombre hair is about that contrast from root to tip, gradually changing from one colour to another. Balayage is a technique for a more subtle, highlight look. A new take on the ombre trend is the colour melt. In a colour melt, usually three or more colours are used, and they typically come from the same colour family to optimize the blending. Although any colour palette can be used in a colour melt, the most important part of the colour melt is that the colours should seamlessly blend into each other with no line whatsoever.

Foil Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights are a few shades lighter than your base colour and are a great way to give hair a multi tonal effect. Add interest to brunette or black hair colours with warm caramel shades or honey toned highlights. If you prefer cooler hair colours we can add ashy tones with highlights. Lowlights are colours used to darken lighter hair colours and are typically only a few shades darker than your base colour, though they make an impact when it comes to creating depth in your colour. We can even use lowlights to add interest to naturally grey hair.  

Accent Foils & Money Piece Highlights

Accent foils are just a handful of foils placed around the face, either to touch up colour or to add extra brightness. Money Piece is the trendy name and it's how we add a bright frame of chunky blonde around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss. Our stylists who do a lot of highlights will tell you they spend the most time foiling around the front hairline because it’s what’s most noticeable, especially with blonde clients. So why not get your face framing highlights, or money piece foils, touched up in between your full balayage/highlight appointments. It’s a cost effective way to keep your blonde highlights looking fresh with an amazing grow out. If you tend to go 3+ months in between your full highlights, try coming in for a toning service along with some money piece face framing foils to keep your hair from looking grown out and brassy!


What else would we call the technique that combines balayage and foils. Some clients love the look of balayage highlights but want a little more brightness. Foilayage does just that.  It's a balayage service that gets extra lifting time by wrapping or sandwiching the hair in foils after the lightener is applied. More lift means lighter and brighter.

Natural Look of Babylights

babylightsBabylights are traditional foil highlights which are applied using a delicate technique to mimic the subtle, multi dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair. Babylights are natural looking and a low maintenance colour option. Babylights are a great way to introduce colour to your hair in a subtle way. They work best on fine hair, and can be applied to any hair colour or length of hair. The babylights should be fine around the hairline and parting, with a gentle graduation of colour that is lighter at the ends.


Another hybrid term for a foil highlight service where sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied, accentuating hair from the mid length down. This creates the look of balayage with a traditional foil technique.

Going Blonde and Blonder

Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or make the journey from dark hair colour to platinum blonde, the blonde hair experts at Pure Self Salon N Spa in Markham are here to help. We have multiple options to create your perfect shade of blonde hair and can use a wide range of techniques to give you sensational, healthy colour results. Book in for a blonde hair colour consultation with our experts here. 

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We Know Blonde Hair!

Finding the perfect blonde shade for you takes an expert eye. Our blonde hair colour experts can assess your skin tone, eye colour and even your personality to find the blonde colour that works best for you. We can create blondes with multi-dimensional hair colours, using subtle highlights and lowlights to create a blonde hair colour. Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or change your hair colour from dark shades to bright blonde, you're in the right place!

Extreme Lifting to Become Blonde

Please bear in mind that blonde hair transformations can can several steps and require patience. Depending on how much lifting we need to do, it may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired blonde shade. Our advice is to enjoy each stage of your blonding journey, the results will be worth it!

Platinum Card Blonding

The Platinum Card is what we call the all-over blonding service performed with the help of foils as compared to on scalp bleaching. In contrast to a highlighting service, during a Platinum Card, we brush lightener onto every strand of hair and wrap each section in foil. This allows us to take a client with darker hair to a platinum blonde. The foils slow the dry time of the lightener, which gives us more lifting time. The longer the lightener is still wet, the longer it stays active.

Blonde Colour Correction, Blonde Hair Restoration

colour correctionAre you the right shade of blonde? If you find that your blonde hair isn't working for you anymore, talk to your stylist about what to do next. If your blonde hair looks brassy or if you've gone too light and need to tone it down a notch, let's talk about balancing and restoring your blond hair. Find out more about our colour correction services here.

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