Introducing Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Comes to Pure Self Salon

Laser hair removal, also referred to as permanent hair reduction, is our newest service offering at Pure Self Salon N Spa. This exciting new service is great for clients that are tired of waxing, shaving and threading. Laser hair removal is typically done as a series of 4-6 treatments at 4-6 weeks intervals, based on area of the body, skin type and hair type. It takes 15-60 minutes depending on the treatment area using a premium high-speed VIKINI diode laser system. This system is equipped with a better optical lens, resulting in less discomfort during the treatment. Not sure if you want to go through the discomfort? We offer an amazing, high quality numbing cream that has double the numbing power of the creams sold at your local drugstore and for a lower cost. The type of laser we use works on all hair types, whether thick or thin, and a quick consultation with one of our estheticians will determine which treatments are right for you. Interested? Check out our pricing per session below! For a limited time, if you buy a package of 6 sessions you will receive 35% off the total cost!

Upper Lip: $50.00
Chin: $60.00
Side Burns: $110.00
Forehead: $70.00
Full Face: $200.00
Front of Neck: $60.00
Back of Neck: $100.00
Entire Neck: $145.00
Chest: $185.00
Stomach: $175.00
Sternum: $50.00

Nipples: $50.00
Full Back: $300.00
Upper Back: $200.00
Lower Back: $110.00
Buttocks: $225.00
Bikini: $115.00
Brazilian: $200.00
Underarms: $95.00
Full Arms: $200.00
Lower Arms: $110.00
Upper Arms: $100.00

Full Legs: $325.00
Upper Legs: $275.00
Lower Legs: $200.00
Shoulders: $110.00
Feet: $50.00
Hands: $55.00
Full Body (Excluding Face): $1,600.00
Mens Bikini: $125.00
Mens Brazilian: $275.00
Mens Buttocks: $300.00